“The art of communication
is the language of leadership”

Our aim is to connect
the gap between

traditional telecommunication services worldwide and new unconventional telecommunication services and to provide them across the globe.
Tecomsa maintains strategically partnerships and interconnections to major international Tier 1 carriers worldwide.
The main goal of Tecomsa is to meet and exceed customer’s demands in the most creative way, by offering exceptional services and price based on a combination of the state of the art technology.







Mission & Vision

Tecomsa Telecommunications Ltd. is a leading provider of wholesale international voice connectivity and solutions in the telecom-related business field.

The company has a large presence in the African, Asian and Latin American market, where it has acquired its expertise and efficiency.

Our Mission is to provide and deliver international wholesale voice traffic and global connection coverage to operators, carriers and distributors around the world, while preserving customer satisfaction and quality of service throughout our work.

Our Vision is to be the preferred carrier of choice and the leading telecom solutions provider by maximizing international wholesale interconnection coverage with voice carriers and operators around the world.

Our Services

Traditional telecommunication services worldwide and new unconventional telecommunication services and to provide them across the globe.

  • Tecomsa offers wholesale voice services to mobile operators, MVNOs and PTTs enabling them to grow their value and portfolios while decreasing their expenses. With Tecomsa’s feature-rich and high-call quality international voice termination solutions specifically designed to meet GSM, CDMA, WLL and fixed-wireless mobile operators’ requirements, our customers can deliver innovative services in their home markets while adding new sources of revenue to their business line. We help operators build bilateral quality routes with their strategic destinations, allowing them to avoid intermediaries and possible loss of control on the end-to-end call. Bypassing intermediaries allows operators to lower their costs and opens the door to committed volumes that would mutually reduce tariffs.

    Feature & Benefits

    • We guarantee exceptional voice quality for international calls at the best available market rates according to your quality parameters
    • We provide 24/7 customer support on priority
    • Depending on your requirements, we can interconnect via IP and TDM through facilities located in the UK.
    • We ensure smooth hassle-free interconnection
    • We can use any codec translation for VoIP

  • In light of the increasingly challenging telecommunications market, Tecomsa steps in to help you centralize and overcome your profit margins and collection difficulties by ensuring you maintain a profitable international operation. With our International Gateway Management Services, you can reduce your exposure to low margins, disputes and billing problems while focusing on developing your core business and multiplying your key destinations.

    Feature & Benefits

    • Our scope of work includes Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management services in addition to rating, routing and billing solutions.
    • By partnering with Tecomsa for voice outsourcing, you won’t need to heavily invest in IP infrastructure and automated systems. All you need to do is tell us where to route your traffic and our team will do the rest.
    • We help you provide your customers with quality routes at competitive rates to any destination in the world.

  • Keeping up with the latest innovations in the telecom world, Tecomsa brings you its Media Traffic solutions based on voice processing applications linked to premium numbers. Using this interactive technology, callers will dial a specific premium number which will connect them to an automated menu counting several options. Callers can then select their option of interest by pressing the corresponding number on their phone’s keypad. Media Traffic solutions are a great way of generating income from calls. You can choose the premium numbers that are best suited for your business and start generating traffic to your network as of now! Tecomsa’s Media Traffic applications comprise a wide spectrum of services from which you can benefit, including TV show call-ins, voting and polling, live chat, horoscopes, music, entertainment, sweepstakes, games, and contests to name a few.

    Feature & Benefits

    • We provide a wide range of prefix choices and a large variety of reliable premium rate numbers. 3
    • Our Media Traffic services transport voice, data and online information that are accessible via international public phone networks.
    • We manage termination to various international destinations around the world.
    • We guarantee call quality and your subscribers’ satisfaction.

  • By directly dealing with carriers, we provide them with flexible payment terms according to each business case’s profitability. In general, Tecomsa favors balanced traffic to avoid bank payment delays and related financial expenses.

    Feature & Benefits

    • We keep our A to Z lists updated and provide a weekly push-list based on our bestselling CLI routes.
    • Our strategic direct destinations are manually tested at least 3 times per day
    • We provide Non-CLI destinations upon request, sourced from trusted suppliers
    • We have no size limitations for signing with carriers as long as the business case is positive and the credit information is satisfactory.
    • We also offer non-CLI A2Z lists

Tecomsa Broadband customers get high voice call quality at competitive international termination rates with premium voice services. Our network identifies the most cost-effective routes based on real-time analysis of voice traffic loads, availability, and pricing according to your service level. The Broadband IPX solutions are ideal for both large and medium-size businesses, enabling our corporate partners to deliver reliable VoIP telephony services to their customers

Feature & Benefits

  • We provide our partners with consistent, high-quality call completion anywhere at low costs 2
  • Our strategic direct destinations are manually tested at least 3 times per day.
  • We offer a fast, simple and cost-efficient way to interconnect to our VoIP or TDM network.
  • We have a state-of-the-art Least Cost Routing system (LCR) that enables us to match the required quality at the best rate.

  • Getting a step closer to end users, Tecomsa has launched the Application, on both IOS and Android platforms, entirely FREE mobile applications allowing users to make worldwide calls at cheap prices. With the Tecomsa Mobile App, customers can enjoy best-quality calls while staying connected to loved ones, friends and businesses all around the world, without having to worry about expensive international phone bills.

    Feature & Benefits

    • We ensure premium voice quality.
    • We bring you a user-friendly application, available in different languages and compatible with iOS and Android-operating devices.
    • We offer cheap international call rates to more than 230 countries around the world.

Tecomsa Partners

Strategic alliances with the best telecommunication & VOIP providers in the industry.








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