6 Facts About VoIP

Do you know these facts about VoIP business?

Let`s take a look into some facts about the VoIP industry which will change your opinion about the sector.

1 – VoIP is 44 years old

Have you ever asked yourself about the first time a VoIP call had been conducted? VoIP is much older than you think. First VoIP call was made in 1974 by ARPANET, in other words, the first internet. The name of the algorithm was “Continuous variable slope delta” (CVSD) modulation. A real time voice record was sent at 16 kb/s between the Information Sciences Institute and Lincoln Lab. This communication was one way, but in December 1974, the first two way communication via VoIP was made.

2- VoIP was used for advertising

Earlier, VoIP users had to listen to the adverts before the calls. After some time, the sector started to get bigger and the providers started to use PC equipment and the rise of the VoIP users made the calls free. But from the advertisers’ side, VoIP known as a very sufficient and smart channel to promote something.

3- If quality matters, then VoIP

When you make a call using PSTN phone lines which has a range of 300 Hz to 3.400, the sound will not be clear and precise like VoIP calls. VoIP provides a range between 50 Hz and 7 kHz that affect the quality directly. You can easily feel the difference such as clearer sound and smooth phone conversation.

4- Make or receive calls without any physical phone

It is not necessary to have any physical phone to make or receive calls with VoIP. You can use your laptop to make calls by downloading a soft phone app that allows you to make or receive calls. Very simple.

5- Economy is the most important reason for using VoIP

In addition to the many advantages of the VoIP, the main reason behind the success of this sector is the economy. VoIP is always reducing the costs of international calls without compromising from the quality and also much more qualified than the costy traditional calls.

6- Do you choose to pay 90% more to international calls? Ok, don’t use VoIP

VoIP is reducing the costs of international calls by 90%. Assume that you have an international company and your employees have to talk with their customers from across the world, every day. With the good internet service provider, you can reduce your costs and also with many advantages of VoIP you will have a chance to extend your business definitely.

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