6 Reasons Behind The Rising Popularity of VoIP Call

VoIP Call is the part of VoIP technology which helps us to make long distance or international calls easily. The prime benefits that these calls offer are the low call rate and the minimal hardware requirement.

VoIP Call is the type of call made through VoIP Technology. One of the most cost saving and popular options of telecommunication is VoIP Call. VoIP Calls help a lot in both individual as well as for business uses. Instead of the circuit-switched telephony that the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network or commonly the PSTN uses, VoIP Calls utilize packet switched voice over internet protocol (VoIP) or internet telephony. VoIP phone calls have many advantages over the normal telephone calls. The prime advantage is the low-cost feature. And in addition to that, the free calling facility is also available. The 2 prime requirements for making a VoIP Call is the application or a software or the softphone and a stable internet connection.

Types of VoIP Calling

Free calling facility for VoIP Calls is usually available for the app to app calls. For this type of calls VoIP application and internet connection are necessary on both sides of the call. One can also make a VoIP call to normal GSM numbers or landlines as well. But for this, the requirement is a bit different than the former one. To call non-VoIP numbers with no internet connection on the receiving end, credit or balance is necessary for the VoIP account of the user. This balance is easily available from one’s VoIP Service Provider. The common forms of recharge are through cash or online payment modes. It is also necessary to add that, even when VoIP Calls are chargeable, they cost far less than the normal PSTN call charges. And therefore due to its low call charge, VoIP Calls are especially beneficial for making international or long distance calls.

Why are VoIP Calls popular?

The popularity of VoIP Call increases with each day. And there are a number of factors which are assisting its rapid growth. People find VoIP technology much convenient in comparison to the other forms of telecommunication and this is the main reason behind VoIP’s popularity.


Among all the reasons, here are few of the most important ones which show the reasons behind the rising popularity of the VoIP Calls.


VoIP Calls are one of the cheapest means of telecommunication. And when a cheaper or a low-cost option is available, people choose this over the other traditional PSTN services. In recent years, PSTN services brought down their service charges. But VoIP is always a step ahead and remains unbeatable. While many people doubt the call quality of VoIP Calls at this price, VoIP technology with its latest advancements and the high-speed internet eliminates any such issues.


Call Features

PSTN services offer a limited number of features. Compared to that, VoIP Technology offers a varied range of call-related features. Some common call functions available are caller ID, call waiting, call transfer, repeat dial, return call, multiple way dialling. These features help a lot while making calls and are also simple and user-friendly.


Video Options

While PSTN mostly offers audio calls, VoIP technology taking it a notch above offers the feature of video calling as well. And the cost for that too is also negligible. Only internet connection is the main requirement. VoIP video calling options are available for any VoIP enabled device which has a camera to perform the video call. And therefore, with the video calling feature, the popularity of VoIP call continues to grow.


Limited Hardware

Cloud-based VoIP Systems are easily accessible and require very less hardware. A simple VoIP application is enough to make a VoIP call. Any device with an internet connection, like the laptop, PC, mobile devices are all fit for making VoIP calls. VoIP Calls also offer the feature of mobility making it further popular than its counterparts.


Global Technological advancements

The increasing usage of mobile phones and the easy availability of internet all around is one of the prime reason behind the increasing popularity of VoIP Calls worldwide. Surpassing 4G, high-speed internet 5G is already on its way. Researches and reports predict the number of global VoIP users to cross over 115 million by 2019 and the US $120 billion by 2024 for corporate users. 


Mobile VoIP Business

The rapidly growing market size of the mobile VoIP business attracts numerous entrepreneurs to invest in this industry. In mobile VoIP business, potential customers are present worldwide. And therefore, to reach out to customers all around the world, a global platform like a website is necessary. Globally supported payment options like credit card, PayPal etc. all are also necessary for a complete setup. To know more about Mobile VoIP Business  Visit Tecomsa.

Here is a short guide to starting one’s own Mobile VoIP Business:

  • Infrastructure requirements: Mobile VoIP business requires very less amount of infrastructure. The main requirements are Softswitch with billing function, bandwidth optimization and tunnelling software, servers and hosting.
  • Mobile VoIP Applications: This application is for customers. Using these application customers can make calls. The types of necessary applications are mobile dialer or PC to phone, calling card, call shop.
  • Website and Payment options: A fully functional website is necessary along with multiple globally accepted and secure payment options. While the website is a global platform to get clients, secure payment options will safeguard against any cyber threats and loses.
  • Terminating Carriers: Call termination requires carriers. And therefore in mobile VoIP business, one needs to interconnect with multiple carriers around the world.
  • Customer Support: No business is complete without customer support. Customers are the main part of your business and thus a 24X7 support is necessary to maintain a good business reputation and also handle customers efficiently.



With the world heading towards more technological advancements, VoIP technology is a serious challenge to the traditional telecom service providers. This is also one of the reason that VoIP blockages are present in many regions around the world. As the traditional telecom services want to maintain monopoly in the telecom sector, they see VoIP as a high potential competitor. And therefore to stop this they place the blockages and restrictions. But as for the rest of the world, seeing the benefits, that VoIP offers, people still choose VoIP over any other.