Peer-To-Peer (P2P) SMS

Through a wide and extensive network of direct and indirect connections, Tecomsa-LTD acts as your trusted SMS Hub that offers you reliable P2P (Peer-to-Peer) SMS-messaging services, saving you from concluding and managing bilateral agreements with tens of mobile operators around the Globe. We offer you a wider geographic coverage to allow your subscribers to send and receive SMS texts to/from anywhere in the world.

Types of P2P Services

SMS Peering (Hub to Hub)

Based on SMPP or SS7 connectivity protocols, the SMS Peering service allows Monty Mobile to connect to another SMS Hub in order to ease the flow of SMS traffic between both hubs’ direct operators, enabling the latter to have a wider coverage and a two-way worldwide traffic exchange.

SMS Peering (Hub to Hub)

With the SMS Hubbing model, operators can connect to Monty Mobile to send/receive international SMS to other operators without necessarily having a direct agreement, granting them a wider coverage and a two-way worldwide traffic exchange supported by SMPP or SS7 connectivity.

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